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Event Codes / Account Logins

True Photography encourages Clients to share their Event Codes with trusted friends and family, so that others may enjoy Client's images. However, True Photography strongly advises Clients to not share account logins, and to keep those private. True Photography will not be responsible for any reason for the use or misuse of Client accounts on this system.

Online Pricing

True Photography makes every effort to keep online pricing current and accurate. However, True Photography reserves the right to adjust online pricing at any time, and to correct errors at any point in the ordering process, even after an order is placed. In the event an order processes with an inaccurate price, True Photography will, at its discretion, offer Client the opportunity to re-purchase at the correct price. Otherwise, the transaction will be cancelled.

Enhancement / Retouch

Where indicated, the image prints and/or files purchased will receive the following treatments:

  • Image Enhancement, which can include, boosting colors, and essentially creating the mood, look, and feel of each image.
  • Retouching, which involves adding or removing something from the image that didn't exist in real life, such as taking a blemish away, or adjusting arms or legs, removing a distraction if possible.

Unless specifically indicated, all purchased images will receive standard enhancement (very basic color / contrast adjustment). If extra enhancement and/or retouch is included, all post-production is done at the sole discretion of True Photography. 

If Clients have any specific post-production requests, such as Retouching to add a plant to cover up a trash can, or moving a smile from one picture to another, True Photography will provide a flat fee quote based on the complexity and number of images requested. True Photography is very efficient and can typically get a lot of post-production done to images within a small amount of time.


Unless otherwise indicated, all unused credit, including credit applied to or accrued through our shopping cart and/or registry solution must be redeemed within 3 months, otherwise it will expire and hold no value.

Photo Shoot Credit

When purchased, Photo Shoot Credit may be redeemed for a mid-week shoot (Mon-Thurs) date within San Diego city limits, with the shoot date scheduled around availability. Certain peak days, holidays and/or blackout dates may be unavailable or subject to premium rates. If Client desires a weekend shoot, Client will be responsible for an additional $200 per shoot hour. Additional pricing may apply for large parties, overtime, special requests, and/or travel. Photo Shoot must be scheduled within 3 months of purchase date, and shoot must take place within 12 months of the purchase date. Otherwise, Photo Shoot credit will expire and hold no value.

Annual Archiving

Annual Archiving service is considered an add-on to Client's contract with True Photography, and is subject to all existing contract terms.

Without extended archiving in place, files will soon be permanently removed from the shopping cart and storage, and it will be your sole responsibility to preserve your images. If you choose not to add Auto Archiving, please ensure you have completed all shopping cart orders, and have made multiple backups of your full event photography.

Ongoing archiving must be pre-paid at the start of each renewal period, and is not pro-rated. If Client opts out of ongoing archival service, or discontinues paid archival service either by request or non-payment, Client's images may be freely deleted from True Photography's servers, after which point they will no longer be recoverable or accessible. Throughout the Annual Archiving period, product selections, and/or details may change, and all orders are subject to current pricing, terms and options available at the time the order is placed.

Even with paid archival service in place, True Photography advises Client to maintain a copy of Client image files, in the unlikely event of archive failure. In no event will True Photography be liable to Client or any third party for any incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the ongoing storage of image files.

Use of Images

If Clients receive a digital version of images, Clients will have permission to reproduce and reprint their images indefinitely, with the exception of selling the images for profit. Client understands that the purchasing of a digital file or print does not constitute ownership of the copyright or digital property, and that the copyright remains property of True Photography.

Book / Album Design

Book and album design is done at the sole discretion of True Photography's design team, based around Client's customized selections. If any selected option becomes unavailable for any reason, Client will be notified as soon as possible so that the order may be modified. Online layouts and digital proofs are intended for preview purposes only, as an approximation of the finished album. Final attributes of the album, such as typesetting and material color, may vary slightly. Before the album goes to print, Client will be presented with a digital proof. 

Wedding Albums Only: Your album is uniquely and specifically designed for you. In case changes are requested, your album order includes up to 1 hour reserved for layout adjustments, based around your selected images. Some requests can be fulfilled quickly, such as swapping the position of two images within the same layout. Other requests are more time consuming, such as moving an image from one layout to another, or replacing image selections. Our studio is very efficient, and can typically get a lot done within a smaller amount of time.

In the event that additional design time, custom retouch, or revisions are requested beyond the normal process, we are happy to provide a quote for specific reuqests. As a courtesy, all album orders also include the enhanced/ retouched digital files of your selected album images.

Wedding Album Turnaround Time

Shortly after Client orders a wedding album, our Digital Specialist will retouch the approved image selections, and our Designer will begin the design draft. It typically takes three weeks for the retouch and initial layout to be provided for review. 

Once the draft has been finished, the book will be sent off for production, and a courtesy digital proof will be provided to Client for approval prior to printing. Once the final confirmation has been provided by Client, the approximate completion time for an album is 8-10 weeks (excluding the holiday season or otherwise noted by the studio). 

Wedding Album Shipping

Album pricing includes standard ground shipping with insurance. The shipping address must be located within the United States. All shipping windows are provided as estimates, and are based on True Photography's best approximations of how long it will take for album to arrive after Client approves the courtesy digital proof. No damages or refunds will be provided to Client for albums that are received outside of the estimated shipping window.

Wedding Album Delivery

When requested of Client, digital proof approval and address verification must be provided by within a reasonable time period, not to exceed 30 days. The studio is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be incurred for orders left over 30 days. All sales are final and non-refundable.

Wedding Album Guarantee

All albums offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defect. Any charges for damage, print replacement, or additions caused / requested by the Client will be at the Client's expense. If Client damages the album on their own, for example: dropping the book, spilling coffee on it, leaving it in extreme temperature, etc., this negates the lifetime guarantee, and it will no longer be honored.

Customer Satisfaction

True Photography works hard to provide high quality products and services. Because of the work involved in maintaining this standard of quality, all sales are final. If for any reason, Client is less than satisfied with a purchase, Client must contact True Photography within 14 days of receipt. Otherwise, Client agrees that purchase is to the full satisfaction Client, and that True Photography has successfully fulfilled its obligation.

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