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Receive all your images as RAW files (no enhancement)

As the name says, a .raw image is completely as it was shot: no color correction, cleanup, or enhancement of any kind. It does however have a large range of detail, and is the best format to work with when making post-production adjustments to a file. For an image to become printable, a RAW file must eventually be converted into a jpeg file.

We understand that with today's technology and the increasing knowledge of our clients, there may be circumstances where you want the RAWs to make your own adjustments and treatments, so we offer them here as an optional package addition. If ordered, the RAW images will be provided in their original unadjusted format via direct download.

Please note that our RAWs are not fully representative of our work, as they have yet to receive any post-production. If you do order the RAWs, we ask that you please credit our studio only for images that have undergone our official post-production process. If you adjust the images on your own, we kindly prefer the file be displayed without the True Photography credit. Also important to note is that Raw files are stored on our servers for a guaranteed 3 months following an event. If you event is more than 3 months old, it will be best to email us at [email protected] to see if we still have the images on file. 


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